We have a wide range of aircraft, such as a 25 Kg category multirotor, a 15 Kg category multirotor, three 5 Kg category multirotors, and fixed-wing aircrafts. All of them insured and registered in AESA. We also have other aircraft, such as ten fixed-wing equipment, three of them for recreational use.

Main fleet

Spyder V2-6

Multirotor of own manufacture from a commercial central core. Construction in 3k carbon fiber and 3k carbon Kevlar. T-Motors propulsion system. Electrical power 7.9 kW, mechanical power 4.7 kW. EASA approved for a maximum take-off mass of 20 kg. Certified in February 2017. Permanent sensors, signaling, front, rear and on the train, configurable, steerable video camera and FPV transmiter 600 mW, 4 bateries 22Ah.


A2 autopilot with Futaba 14Sg transmiter. Modified with double batery tray for central core. Permanent instrumentation: Full-HD video camera and 600mW video transmiter, front and rear lighting, telemetry by OSD (On Screen Display) Mark II with video channel switching. Original transport case. 6 12Ah bateries.

DJI Phantom IV y IV Pro

Four bateries per unit, multicharger, iPad mini case.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Four bateries, case, multicharger, tablet holder, android tablet with 4G connection.

Sky Hero Spyder Little

Sports equipment with the capacity to carry a camera of any type. FPV camera and 600mW transmitter.

X8 (Two units)

Unit 1: Scorpion propulsion system. Infrared programmable ESC, detachable wings without wiring. Permanent sensors: pitot tube and 1080 camera.

Unit 2: Variation of unit 1 to introduce blade brakes and reduce landing space.

Another pieces of equipment